Semi Matte Putty
NEW FORMULATION! Now softer, same hold/shine, and without any coloring! Our Semi Matte Putty features an even balance of hold & shine, which makes for an easy-to use everyday hair product that fits a wide range of hair types and desired styles. Featuring a clean and light masculine fragrance, our water-soluble formula imparts softness to hair - and washes out easily with water. Apply to towel dried or dry hair to create textured, tousled looks, or for shaping a barber style. Hold Factor: 6 / Shine Factor: Medium

What does it smell like?

We performed the ultimate smell test across the country.

As guys, we typically care more about the impression our personal scent leaves on other people.

So, we sent out product to a bunch of strangers, and had them film their honest reactions to their initial impressions of the hair products and cologne fragrances. Here's what they thought.


Work a small amount of product into hands. Apply to damp or dry hair to create a textured, casual look. Increase the amount of product applied for stronger shape and hold to maintain a barber-styled appearance.

Key Features

The short version: it's soft, easy to use, looks & smells great.

Smell Amazing

98 out of 100 women chose this specific fragrance as what they’d want their future husband to smell like (we actually tested this).

Matte Look Finish

Long, short, curly, thin, thick, straight or frizzy: this balanced formula is designed to give anybody control over their hair, no matter the type.

Lightweight All-Day Hold

Achieve a messy, tousled look, or comb into shape, this flexible hold can be moved around throughout the day for an effortless style that holds its shape.

Product Comparison

High Shine Pomade Semi-Matte Putty Matte Texture Clay Matte Wax
Pomade Putty Clay Wax
Hold: 5 (Low) 6 (Medium) 7 (Medium) 10 (High)
Shine: Very High Medium None High (Natural)
Movability:   Very Medium Medium Low
Fragrance:   Black Edition Black Edition White Edition White Edition
Volume: 70ml (2.37 fl oz)
70ml (2.37 fl oz)
70ml (2.37 fl oz)
70ml (2.37 fl oz)
TSA Carry-On:

The perfect choice if you don't know what to choose.

With a good balance of hold and shine, this dynamic unisex hair product offers a ton of different options when it comes to styling your hair. Touchable, flexible and movable, you can reset your style or try something new throughout the day, and have it stay in place.-  This product is an excellent curl defining pomade.

-  Good for all hair types.

- Create natural unkempt looks in straight, wavy or curly hair.

-  This semi matte putty gives flexible control.

- Lasts a long time, only a small amount needed.

-  Travel sized for TSA-approved international carry-on

Our hair products share the exact same fragrances as our cologne. Here's why:

You're worth a million bucks, so we literally put high-end cologne fragrances in our hair products. We're honestly pretty sure we spend more on fragrance than any other hair product on the market. The benefit of that being is that you no longer have to worry about mixing your scents for what you're putting in your hair, and what you're putting on your body. Be careful, results may be more positive than you're prepared to handle.

This Semi Matte Putty uses our "Black Edition" fragrance, which you can also buy as cologne here: Click Here

What the world things about our Semi Matte Putty:


Outstanding product with just the right amount of hold, texture and no shine! Smells great also!



I've used this product enough now, and like it so much I feel compelled to write about it. Smell is subjective, but this stuff smells incredible, and not only do I think so, but it seems like anyone that gets close enough to notice thinks so too. It does a really nice job of holding your hair how you want it, without it drying anything out, or making your hair goopy or crispy. I find that it works best for me if I use a really small amount, and rub it between my hands so that it emulsifies while adding just a couple drops of water, and it spreads nicely and evenly into my hair. Honestly, I love everything about this product, and the fact that you don't need to use a lot of it, makes it last for a long time. I noticed a previous reviewer comment that it is of a lower quality than The Cardinal Brand, and that has not been my experience at all. This stuff is killer.
Nathan C.



This is the best smelling hair product for men I’ve ever smelled. I actually smelled it on someone while on vacation and had to order it for my fiancée. It’s light but still carries this insanely good smell! We went on a hike today and I could faintly smell his hair and it was lovely. I really don’t like perfume or smells that are chemical (ly) — so it surprised me that I loved this so much.



Great product, highly recommend. My hair looks great and smells amazing.
Ryan W.


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