Semi Matte Putty


Our Semi Matte Putty features an even balance of hold & shine, which makes for an easy-to use everyday hair product that fits a wide range of hair types and desired styles. Featuring a clean and light masculine fragrance, our water-soluble formula imparts softness to hair - and washes out easily with water. Apply to towel dried or dry hair to create textured, tousled looks, or for shaping a barber style.

Hold Factor: 6 / Shine Factor: Medium

Work a fingertip worth of product into hands. Apply to damp or dry hair to create a textured, casual look. Increase the amount of product applied for stronger shape and hold to maintain a barber-styled appearance.
  • Creates natural messy looks in straight, wavy or curly hair
  • This semi-matte texture putty gives flexible control.
  • Use on longer waves and curls for definition and texture.
  • Sophisticated and clean.


High Shine Pomade Semi-Matte Putty Matte Texture Clay Matte Wax
Pomade Putty Clay Wax
Hold: 5 (Low) 6 (Medium) 7 (Medium) 10 (High)
Shine: Very High Medium None High (Natural)
Movability: Very Medium Medium Low
Washes out with water? (Water-Soluble):
Fragrance: Black Edition Black Edition White Edition White Edition
Volume: 100ml (2.37 fl oz)
100ml (2.37 fl oz)
100ml (2.37 fl oz)
100ml (2.37 fl oz)
Travel Sized (Carry On):
Can be applied to damp OR dry hair:
Can be used in damp hair pre-blow dry for additional effect:

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