Matte Wax
Our Matte Wax is a unique water-soluble maximum hold, natural shine wax pomade. Perfectly capable of an all day hold with a polished, natural-shine finish for pompadours and traditional barber looks. This high-hold formula is able to tame dense hair types without leaving heavy residue, and washes away easily with water. Featuring a airy fragrance with hints of vanilla and bourbon. Our Procapil-infused formula helps strengthen & thicken hair follicles, while aiding in the battle against hair loss. Hold Factor: 10 / Shine Factor: Natural

What does it smell like?

We performed the ultimate smell test across the country.

As guys, we typically care more about the impression our personal scent leaves on other people.

So, we sent out product to a bunch of strangers, and had them film their honest reactions to their initial impressions of the hair products and cologne fragrances. Here's what they thought.

How to Use Matte Wax

Liquify in your hands with a drop or two of water, and apply this product to dry or towel-dried hair to gain maximum control. Style with a comb or fingers to give a sleek or messy look. Great for taming edges and facial hair. Apply more product, or apply dry for increased hold.

Key Features

The best matte wax, like ours, should provide the following:

Smell Amazing

98 out of 100 women chose this specific fragrance as what they’d want their future husband to smell like (we actually tested this).

Lightweight, Durable

Unlike most hair wax, our light weight wax holds firmly all day, and won’t weigh your hair down in the process

All-Day Maximum Hold

Once you’ve locked your perfect style in place, your hairstyle is ready for sports, adventures and whatever the day can throw at it.

Product Comparison

High Shine Pomade Semi-Matte Putty Matte Texture Clay Matte Wax
Pomade Putty Clay Wax
Hold: 5 (Low) 6 (Medium) 7 (Medium) 10 (High)
Shine: Very High Medium None High (Natural)
Movability:   Very Medium Medium Low
Fragrance:   Black Edition Black Edition White Edition White Edition
Volume: 70ml (2.37 fl oz)
70ml (2.37 fl oz)
70ml (2.37 fl oz)
70ml (2.37 fl oz)
TSA Carry-On:

Matte look when applied dry. 
Want shine? Just add water.

This is our water-soluble maximum hold, matte wax pomade. We've found a great balance of all day hold with an optional natural-shine finish for pompadours, mohawks, afros, tight fades and traditional barber looks.

- A natural high shine that is never greasy or too shiny.

-  Can be applied to damp or dry hair for varying effects and styles.

-  Great for edges and to control flyaway hair.

- Anti-Frizz. Excellent in humid climates.

-  Great replacement for hard hold gel.

- Lasts a long time, only a small amount needed.

-  Travel sized for TSA-approved international carry-on

Our hair products share the exact same fragrances as our cologne. Here's why:

You're worth a million bucks, so we literally put high-end cologne fragrances in our hair products. We're honestly pretty sure we spend more on fragrance than any other hair product on the market. The benefit of that being is that you no longer have to worry about mixing your scents for what you're putting in your hair, and what you're putting on your body. Be careful, results may be more positive than you're prepared to handle.

This Matte Wax uses our "White Edition" fragrance, which you can also buy as cologne here: Click Here

What the world things about our Matte Wax:


Damn - when I want to get shine without looking greased down, this is what I reach for. The best wax I've ever used.
Morgan M.



Now, I have great hair. I love this product along with Muk Products. This is my finisher. It holds thick hair in any position



I got this product for my boyfriend and his hair has never looked so good! Smells amazing and has all day hold. 10 out of 10 recommend!



Best hair product for men! I had long hair and the stuff I used before wouldn’t hold enough without using way too much product and having a wet look. That’s great for rockstars but not the office. Halfway thru the day the hair would fall in my face. Atlas Matte Wax gave me great control and hold without compromising style. Since using it I cut my hair and it works great on my short hair too. Will definitely buy again and check out others in the product line.
Flavius T.



I have the thickest, untamable, of hair and work in a field that requires me to look professional the entire day and often into the nights. Other products' hold has failed. Not this one. This wax is easy to apply and style and keeps my hair perfectly in place until bed time, even those annoying short hairs on the sides and at the parts. An absolutely ideal hair product. And, as an added bonus, the scent is incredible. I could not recommend more.


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