High Shine Pomade
Tame frizz with our water-soluble High Shine Pomade. This product gives smooth and wavy looks shine and definition without creating a heavy weight. Run a small amount through dry hair for weightless control and a natural, non-greasy shine. Apply a little more product to towel dried hair to enhance shiny waves and curls as it dries. For edges and fly away control, use product on the hairline with comb or brush for a sleek finish. Featuring our signature "Black Edition" fragrance: a dark, clean, masculine scent with astounding popularity.  Hold Factor: 5 / Shine Factor: High

What does it smell like?

We performed the ultimate smell test across the country.

As guys, we typically care more about the impression our personal scent leaves on other people.

So, we sent out product to a bunch of strangers, and had them film their honest reactions to their initial impressions of the hair products and cologne fragrances. Here's what they thought.


Work a small amount of product into hands. Apply to dry or towel-dried hair and comb into place. For more hold, apply more product and comb into place. For a more casual finish: style with fingers.

Key Features

There's a reason this is our top-selling product. Any self-respecting matte texture clay should provide the following:

Smell Amazing

98 out of 100 women chose this specific fragrance as what they’d want their future husband to smell like (we actually tested this).

Softens & Smooths Hair

Control frizz and make hair perfect for running your fingers through with our softening and smoothing properties.

Shiny & Lightweight

Keep a surprisingly high amount of hold without weighing your hair down. It's even possible to use a single application of Atlas Matte Texture Clay for multiple days.

Product Comparison

High Shine Pomade Semi-Matte Putty Matte Texture Clay Matte Wax
Pomade Putty Clay Wax
Hold: 5 (Low) 6 (Medium) 7 (Medium) 10 (High)
Shine: Very High Medium None High (Natural)
Movability:   Very Medium Medium Low
Fragrance:   Black Edition Black Edition White Edition White Edition
Volume: 70ml (2.37 fl oz)
70ml (2.37 fl oz)
70ml (2.37 fl oz)
70ml (2.37 fl oz)
TSA Carry-On:

Make it look like you actually tried, smell like a celebrity.

This product is a feathery light-hold pomade with high natural shine. Feel your hair become softer immediately upon application, and shine brilliantly without looking wet or greasy. Add lift and volume while effortlessly smoothing out frizzy to almost any hair type with just a small amount of this unisex hair product.- Good for all hair types.

-  This product is an excellent curl defining pomade.

-  Good for longer wavy or curly styles.

- Use this product on damp hair and air dry for curl control and added shine.

-  This product can be blow dried or diffused to give control to your style.

- Lasts a long time, only a small amount needed.

-  Travel sized for TSA-approved international carry-on

Our hair products share the exact same fragrances as our cologne. Here's why:

You're worth a million bucks, so we literally put high-end cologne fragrances in our hair products. We're honestly pretty sure we spend more on fragrance than any other hair product on the market. The benefit of that being is that you no longer have to worry about mixing your scents for what you're putting in your hair, and what you're putting on your body. Be careful, results may be more positive than you're prepared to handle.

This High Shine Pomade uses our "Black Edition" fragrance, which you can also buy as cologne here: Click Here

What the world things about our High Shine Pomade:


This product is fantastic! It gives just the right amount of definition to my wavy hair without weighing it down. It also gives my hair a healthy shine and makes it smell amazing!



I love this product and would definitely buy it again. It gives me enough time to style my hair before the hold takes. I have curly hair and it does an amazing job of keeping it in shape all day long.
Francisco A.



Very pleasant smell and, unlike most "high hold and shine" pomades, doesn't leave you looking like you are wearing a helmet on your head. Leaves hair soft looking but with enough gloss to give it a natural shine - not that plastic look you get from most "high shine" pomades.


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