Atlas Hair

Cleansing Shampoo [Limited Edition]


Elevate your grooming ritual with this refreshingly smooth and indulgent cleansing experience. Enjoy the perfect balance of efficiency and self-pampering luxury in every glorious drop. Easy enough on your hair to use daily.

This Limited Edition launch packaging for our new Cleansing Shampoo has been specifically-designed to thicken hair while leaving it feeling silky soft. Featuring a high-efficiency, light foaming formula that cleans effectively and moisturizes while strengthening hair for a clean and revitalized look. Try it now for stronger, healthier hair.

For the first time, we've created a delicately balanced 50/50 mix of our White Edition and Black Edition fragrances to create a lightweight yet alluring scent that embodies the best of both profiles into a complex, universal scent that we're confident is going to become our most popular. 

300ml (10.1 fl oz)

In stock, ships immediately.

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